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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 13, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> snow, sleet and rain, cable's newest couple, comcast and time warner plan to join forces in a $45 billion deal, also. >> disof no concern to the u.s., and should be of no concern to the u.s. the president afghanistan defend as prison release
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that has upset the u.s. military. uwell, i have to tell you much of the east coast is still being pounded. the storm is being blamed for at least 18 deaths. about 750,000 homes and businesses lost power. the storm is also effected some of the country's busiest airports, roughly 6400 flights have been canceled. stranded passengers have been stuck in airports for hours. and people actually use skis to get around washington, d.c. which is paralyzed by the snowfall. mayor city mayor is on the defensive. during a news conference today, the major said the heavy snow came faster than expected and sanitation crews struggle to keep up. during a morning rush.
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well, the teachers union, criticized for keeping the city's public schools open during near blizzard conditions. my on the storm, okay, i am looking around you, it looks like you have a slushy mess out there. >> i am thinking right now being stuck at an airport doesn't sound that terrible compared to what is being seen out here. mother nature not holding anything back. at a rate of two to four inches an hour, before it turns into what you are seeing now. this slushy mixture, although it is expected it will turn back into snow later this evening. the city has declare add state of emergency, and
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the mayor has increased the winter weather budget. he has raised it by 60%, to $92 million that money will go toward maintenance, crews, equipment, and of course one of the big challenges to date is open cooing those streets cleared. and in brooklyn, a woman a pregnant woman was struck by a snowplow. and she was actually killed. we unction that her unborn child was delivered by c section, and that child is said to be in critical condition. ten that's an example of just the deadly nature of this storm, and the difficulty that the screws are having trying to keep the streets clear. new jersey has a state of emergency, the schools are closed for the fifth time this year. schools are also closed in boston. so the whole northeast area is getting hit by this storm.
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>> it is. appreciate it, so the storm isn't done with the east coast just yet. a look at the path, over the next few hoursble kevin. >> closer to the south where they were dealing with a lot of icing in the carolinas. you can see that is pretty much gone. at 46, at lan 25 is at 45 degrees. pretty much for them it is a done deal. so for washington, d.c., right here, you can see they had rain. now it is turning back, and once the system comes back it will be turning back to snow. we did have a break, picking up rain sweat some more icing and more snow coming into play.
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here in central park, 9 1/2 inches it was quite pretty there, but over towards new york which is out on long island, they saw about 14 inches of snow. we are not over with it yet. especially across parts of new york, that's going to be really big snow event there, they expect to see another 30 inches of snow. boston can see up to 12. 11:00 o'clock this evening all the way to 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. and washington, well you will probably only see about one to two more inches. tomorrow, things will be better, but we will see light snow across pennsylvania. up towards the northern part of new england, so we will keep you informed on this. nose snow totals continue to rise. >> about 25,000 of those
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are in atlanta. maybe you can cecotto me on my numbers here. on what looks like a darn nice day. >> it is what kevin just said, way have had the temperatures go up to almost 45 degrees here. and very quickly. this morning when way were reporting lye, it was still snowing the roads were completely iced over, but what a difference 12 hours makes. most of that is gone. the snow gone from the grass here. so the city seems to be back to normal. i was just off the phone with georgia power, about 20n't manies ago, they tell me about 165,000 outages are statewide right now. as the day has gone by, about 25,000, and an isolated to the very southern suburbs of the city.
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pretty much nothing to the north where i am right now. a p showing parking loot, where people have decided to come out of their houses because the storm has passed and they are back into normal life. i don't think anyone imagined that 12 hours later we would have a scene like this, where it is almost like we didn't have a storm here. but certainly, yesterday that was not the feeling. >> so tomorrow, kids are back in school, and businesses are open and functioning. >> exactly. the ice situation that the governor reminded people of to be careful. looks like we won't really have that. lukes like somebody is trying to get by you, a
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taxi cab or something, look out. joining me more with the power outages, she is a spokesperson for georgia power, kathryn i appreciate your taking the time. let me check these numbers with you. you have about 165,000 customers still without power subpoena is that accurate? we have our lines out there working to ensure power as quickly as possible, and it is going down practically by the minute. it is about 81 now now. >> 158,000 plus. and where are most of the outages right now? in the state. >> so the really heavy damage. in the southern part of atlanta, so that continues to be ask area we are, workerring on.
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>> you have had a nice day today, i am wondering were you able to take advantage of the improving weather conditions and get your crews out there? you certainly had a window of opportunity? >> je, we did. they are out there working 24 hours a day. they are doing everything they can to get their customers back online. >> what is the best advice you have for people now still without power? >> please visit our website. that will give you the most up to date information. and refresh it every tenn't manies. it gives information about the counties, cities and statewide. and you can go for outages from that also. >> she was a spokesperson with georgia power. people are mosting all of their snow related pictures on social media. with more on that?
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>> yeah, tony plows that's what a lot of people are seeing manien and a lot of slush. robert jack writes workers that were clearing out this stairways going to the subways in new york. and you which the debate today. why does new york city have schools do they have no souls. yes, new york city public schools should have been closed. however, no one is, toking parents to send their kids to school. comes won't track you down. and down in d.c. you have this picture. dupont circle in washington, d.c., under a few inches of snow. m.p. street, people enjoy eggnog at home, i
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presume. and also were out skiing, a great way to get around, and if you have those skis and take a look at this. this is in virginia, just south of d.c. >> very cool. they received about seven inches of snow. it is just cool to look at. and also some people having sympathy for the people had to go to work today. stay warm out there, writes this woman, she says i felt bad, so i made him some hot cocoa. and also, well, no boring emails to announce school cancellations take a listen to what she had to say. >> ♪ that was vanilla ice.
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>> i'll take it. >> that was okay, maria, appreciate it. >> bye bye. >> the top u.s. cable provider says it is buying rival time warner cable, wow, david chuteser in tonight, and had a look at the ramifications of this megamerger. you have been covering this story all day r the us, tell us why comcast is going after time warner cable? >> well, tony, a lot of people may not realize that comcast in addition to providing content. it also has the biggest cable subscriber business in the country, it is
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number one, with some 22 million homes that subscribe, but the problem is that comcast has not been able to get into the top two markets as far as the prescriptions. and that would be new york and los angeles. that's where time warner cable comes in p and so com cast where they can put their content, but also create a little bit of synergy. if you have two companies sort of doing the same thing, it believes it can sometime line and perhaps increase it's own profit. >> what does this deal mean for consumers? well, that is the big question, because comcast is one of the most hated cable companies out there. and time warner cable is the most hated. a couchle of theories. one, it is possible that this larger company will be able to keep the prices down, that are. >> thatted by content
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providers like disney. and if it can keep that prices relatively low, then you don't have to increase the fees that people pay each hospital. on the other side. whether this new company be able to jack up fees themselves and there's not much that consumers can do about it. >> what are you working on? what else? >> i knee you are all about the american dream, and all of us being able to realize our potential, a lot of people that involved home ownership. there are a lot of people out there whose dream is changing and they are making the decision to rent. and for all those people that are making that calculation. all right, david, appreciate it. the u.s. military is upset about the release of 65 prisoners in afghanistan.
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now despite u.s. demands the release is of no concern to the united states. jane ferguson has our report. the government has insisted for weeks it will release dozenings of prisoners. and they weren't bluffing. >> we cannot prove that the 65 people are criminals. there is no reason to keep them in the prison. but handed over to the afghan president. they are called it a taliban making factory. saying innocent men enter the facility, and leave despising his government. >> none the less, 65 prisoners were set free. >> the u.s. says the men
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are all dangerous taliban fighters, responsible for civilian and military casualties. >> these individuals are dangerous. they pose threats to safety and security of the afghan people, and the state which is what i would say in terms of the threat that they pose. there is information lynching each of them 20 terror related crimes which again, turn around from the u.s. are the largest killer of afghan civilians. >> but none of them were tried in court. a review board looked at their cases and said there was not enough evidence to hold them. this is the latest stat. whoa refuses to sign a security packet, allowing the u.s. military to stay in the country, after 2014. once allies relations between washington and kabul continue to stumble from one argument to
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another. jane ferguson, al jazeera. >> some big surprises in sochi today. including an olympic skater who vowed out rather abruptly, and secretary of state has the message for north korea's leaders don't let politics get in the way. the latest from his asian tour is next. i must begin my journey,
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attorney said dunn had the right to meet force with force. natasha spoke to -- while they presented their closing arguments. >> the courthouse revisited the downtown campus.
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it is an international cam it is with 19,000 students most are peers. >> marching on the tell vig is that he did nit cold blood. the students we talk say race request not be ignored. >> the shooting of davis and trayvon martin just nine months apart, a few of them spoke of feeling frightens or being more cautious. >> i am more careful how i act and where i go. i look over my shoulder more. >> i don't feel like i have to do it, but it is something that is in my nature to watch out for myself. >> it makes people more
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accountable, because i don't think what the next person is thinking or the next person's intentions are. >> it is shining a light on the stand your ground laws and many people kneel that they are unjust. how do you feel about the stand your ground law? >> i agree with the stand your ground law. in the fact that i think you should be able to defend yourself if someone is about to harm you. >> to make sure that people that kill and claim self-defense are held accountability. these young women say the shadow continues to loom large. >> basically telling me that society is changing for the worse. that i can take out a gun and shoot someone randomly, and just walk off free. and chill with my friends. as one student points out, it has generated a
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national conversation, a conversation they hope continues long after the verdict in the case. al jazeera, jacksonville florida. aen waying tonight for north korea, coming from secretary of state john query. al jazeera has the details. >> with the north, his second visit coincides with the two sides highest level talks in seven years. more is scheduled for friday. they remain at odds over next week's, the first since 2010. north korea continues to insist they can't take place at the same time as exercises due to start on february 24th. >> they are exercise that is are not changed, not bigger, not different, occurring at exactly the same time as they have occurred every year.
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in the same manner that they have occurred as a matter of readiness between the united states and the republy of korea. there is no legitimate excuse for linking the two. and their refusal to accept it as a nuclear arm state. at a joint news conference, it was anything but lock stead, when it came to relations with the other key u.s. ally in the region, japan. >> it is up to japan and the republic of korea, to put history behind them. and move the relationship forward. and it is critical at the same time that we maintain robust trilateral cooperation particularly in the face of north korea's nuclear threat. >> that seems to cut little ice with his hosts.
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a former japanese colony continues to protest the language and actions including a recent visit by prime minister. to a shrine that honored war criminals among the war dead. >> it would be difficult to build trust. when he was at both countries in april, next on the agenda, talks in beijing with north korea once again set to feature strongly. the to cur here will be on the board where the next level of talks is scheduled to start. >> general motors is recalling about 780,000 cars due to a problem with unexpectedden gin shut down. pontiac g. fives from 2005, to bow seven, are the two effected. u.s. regular lay r toes say heavy key chains can nothing the ignition out
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of place. one of russia's biggest stars has hung up his skates and he did it right in the middle of the games today. john henry smith is here. >> the auditorium went from applaud to kind of stunged silence. really kind of a shocking olympic moment. many in russia believe that super star to be too injured after 12 surgeries and too old to win more olympic medals this year. rather than step aside, he came to sochi, and helped leads russia to gold in team figure skating earlier this week. by his lack of help made his luck run out this morning before the short program, when he was introduced to the crowd, he skated to the event referee, and made it flown that he was hurt, hurt his back, and he withdrew. once again, he later
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announced he was retying from skating as he had earlier promised to do after the short program was done. he retired as the only modern era figure skater to medal in four separate games. he was russia's only men skater in the short program, so no medal for them in this event this year. well, russian men's hockey is a favorite, but so is team u.s.a., and their only warm up for russian sha, the americans made surprisingly short work of a slow salvian team. team u.s.a. exploded for six goals in the second period, and cruised to a 7-1 win. pat stastny scored twice, and jonathan quick turning away 22 shots. and this morning joes christian son won olympic gold, and by the way, he had nothing but red, white, and blue company on the medal stand. take a look at this, and
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the united states, he won the sill very, and his other teammate, won the bronze. let's take a look at the medal count thus far. you have norway up on top. they have won 303, that leads the way, nethernd las is number 12 -- number 2, with 12. united states is tied with them. russia has 11, germany has 10, but they lead the way with seven, of the gold variety, and tony hays. >> yeah. >> seven goals that leads the way so far. >> okay. >> all right. john, appreciate it, thank you, sir. >> more ahead on our top story, the big storm moving across the earn seaboard, it shut down washington, d.c., a live report is next, and belgium passes a law that gives children the right to opt for euthanasia. we will have a full report.
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libya: state of insecurity only on al jazeera america
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welcome back, everyone pop to al jazeera america. despite rejections from the united states, afghanistan released 65 inmates. the the prison mergers may have been behind the death of some civilians and u.s. troops. the response to the u.s., and the prisoner release is of no concern to the u.s. comcast is behind competitor time warner cable for 45 billion-dollars the companies announce add deal this morning if a deal is approved comcast would have 30 million customers. the releaptless winter storm that slams southern states still isn't done, more than a foot of snow has fallen. at least 18 people have been killed. this storm has been coming actually in waves. more than 700,000
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symptoms. the power is starting to be restores. that includes the federal government that was closed for the day. john is in the heart of the nation's capitol. and george, where are you? >> all right, walk us through this snowy. >> it is beautiful. >> they asked me to stand aside so you can see the beautiful capitol building. i will do it again because it is beautiful. i will move out -- >> you don't have to do everything they ask of you. >> normally, of course, i don't as you well know, and i wouldn't, but on this occasion, you can see the light shining on the capitol dome. that's the measure of how snowy it is.
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the snow is back, and that's a measure of the storm. and it's a good bit of advice, because just when you think it is over it comes back and gets you again. look at all the snow around us. a real effect on the nation's capitol, the federal government has been closed and no word on when it will reopen. it's very very quiet. janet yell len was due to give testimony, that didn't happen. and there are about two hung members of the national guard out and about in the city helping other people to clear the snow. ragan international airport opened, so that is good news, but we know
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from previous reports that the airplanes aren't in place, so there will be delays for many days yet. >> take a moment and show folks the pictures you took earlier today. >> yes. think dupont circle which is north of the white house. and this is a real -- look at that. that is president obama in the snow. complete with tie, and a button. and sort of obama national snow man. when it is warm here, in the summer, then they gather until midnight here. socializing having fun. federal wrongerrers today came to dupont circle, with their dogs, to play in the snow. and we spoke to some. listen to what they had to say. >> i love a good snow day. >> i love this type of
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weather. >> nice to get something besides being cold. >> there was a snowball fight here. >> i was planning on leaving today to go to new york, and everything shut down. but it is great. >> it is a good gift. >> to play in the snow instead of do business. >> and thank you to simone, and trudy, and aaron, for putting that little sequence there for us. you saw the president in snow form, it is public knowledge, he is going to california tomorrow. so he is getting out of dodge. >> appreciate it, step aside again, let us see that capitol. oh, yes, yes. >> that's a beautiful shot. >> isn't it beautiful. >> really nice. >> all right, appreciate
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it. >> this building is -- >> see you. >> meteorologist has been watching the symptom very closely, and he is back with us to tell us what we can expect. kevin? >> we are looking at where john was. it could turn into snow very quickly, we are looking at a break, but see the blues right there, that ends very very heavy snow. boston is looking at a two hour delay. how does this compare to other storms. a lot of people remember the storm of 2006, happened almost eight years ago to the date. won't 6.9-inches of snow. when the plows went through, it actually covered people's doors and they had to open the doors and crawl over the banks to get out. this is not really considered into that
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category, while new york will be 30, boston 32, washington 29 degrees. that mean as lot of shushry weather on the road. we will be seeing better conditions in terms of precip. friday in new york, so this snow you see on saturday, well, that is just going to be light snow. all right, thank you. >> the u.k. is still battling it's worst flooding in decades. and more range is coming, but one community is already working to get back on it's feet, jennifer glass has our report. >> not far from the swollen weather. is the parish of saint paul. guided by father michael roper originally from chapel hill north
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carolina. >> there's cold foot, hot food, all sorts of things. >> the wallers have spilled on to nearly every street here, father michael tours the area daily. >> how much of your parish is effected? >> two-thirds of the parish. >> people take advantage of a break in the weather to visit their homes and move what has. been ruins. >> where are you heading today? >> well, i am going to take my stuff and pat it into a shed, and then back to my. pas. >> here, aid oftenle cos from the unexpected kindness of strangers. but not everyone is here to help, especially after -- >> there have been some break ins. >> the empty homes two big a temptation for some. >> this road is the very edge of the parish. father michael says they are helping as many people as they can, and all they can do now is wait for the waters to go
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down. >> the ground is soaks and there's mr. rain to come. to help support the community, through whatever comes next. >> we are providing some man power, to release. >> although the waters have reseeded a bit, they are expecting to rise again, a new storm is due to hit friday, with some areas expected to see another inch and a half of rain. and everyone here including father michael is trying to take it one day at a time. the syrian government could hold their final brokers meeting tomorrow, u.s. and russian diplomates met earlier today, and promised to help end the deadlock. the opposition has originally said more talks were offer the table, but after meeting u.s. secretary, the opposition agrees to meet the u.n. envoy one more time. in the meantime, the u.n. humanitarian coordinator lashed out for not doing enough to help civilians.
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i told the council that it was unacceptable, international humanitarian law continues to be consistently, and flagrantly violated by all parties to the conflict. we understand, that a war is going on. but even wars have rules. >> valerie amos says the u.n. has made some progress, but more needs to be done. belgium's parliament has adopted an unusual new law, it allows assisted suicide for terminally ill children. as david reports despite today's vote, the new law has it's critics. >> the belgium parliament lower house chamber of representatives passed the legislation with a
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large majority as expected. reflecting the opinion polls in the country. making it the first to pass a law allowing euthanasia without any age limits. there are some here who still would never allow it for their own children. among the protestors we found a father, who has paid a pair rowing price for standing by his con vices. >> he still has pictured of the son he watched dying of a brain tumor. he loved the sound of waves on the seashore, but the cancer took away his eyesight and his birth to walk, and then it took his life. he was just eight years old. he was brought out of hospital to die at home with his family. his father's last words to him, tristan, it's time to go. i would have never
6:41 pm
tolerated a doctor asking if we wanted youth may have. if parents ask do you want to live or die, what kind of question does it cross the child's mine. would it please my parents. would it be for their good or mine. >> the childs request would have to be approve bed i the childs parents, the child must also understand what it means. describe it as the ultimate gesture of humanity, those opposed say it's insanity. university hospital is one of the word's leading centers for treating childhood cancer. it is here the fist case may be carried out. as a doctor, you prefer that nobody will ask you this question. because even if it is legal. it is still difficult to carry out.
6:42 pm
and other minors that have the same condition, and they have seen several miners with their condition die in horrifying way. and they ask you. to be or not to be, seems it will be. al jazeera, brussells. really home made. and not frozen. apparently a report made that one in three meals served ready made dishes in the recent poll. 97 pest are french, said they were concerned about being served frozen meals. tony, a gay man is launching a federal
6:43 pm
lawsuit after his husband was killed in a car crash. alabama doesn't recognize his marriage, back in 2011, so paul says he is suing because he is not recognized as a surviving spouse of his husband. he says the hospital staff refused to speak to him, and his death certificate says he is unmarried. >> imagine finally getting the courage to go sky diving and then your parachute malfunctions. that's exactly what happened which caused her to fall more than 3,000 feet to the ground. t the texas native says she was sky diving when her parachute failed her. she is expected to fully recover. and remember beanny
6:44 pm
babies, well, the creator of the teeny bober fad was convicted of hiding around 25 million-dollars in a swiss bank, now federal prosecutors say they are appealing the sentence. prosecutors ask that the 69-year-old -- and snow accusations in colorado 30s are saying that the snow may have saved two lives. a couple was driving along the pass when they lost complete control of their car, it toppled over the guardrail, and then plummeted to the ground, landing upright in eight feet of snow. the rescue took about two hours but they say the snow probably saved their lives. this is my favorite. over in san diego a man burglarized a church and then took a photo of himself at the crime scene. he broke into a church on monday, taking off with
6:45 pm
$10,000. he left his selfie ridden cell phone behind. they recognized the trees and the shrugs and they managed to arrest him just five-miles from the church. >> crazy. >> i know. >> he admitted to the crime and is due to appear in court, and the minister said he wanted to laynd has on him. >> this young woman, the parachute didn't open. >> she panicked. >> she panics, blacks out, hits the ground. from that thousand feet? >> can you imagine. >> and she is going to make a full recovery. >> get your head around that. >> the u.s. is is working to decrease it's depend on fossil fuels. rob reynolds has that report. >> in a lab bra story
6:46 pm
experiment, reporting in the journal nature, scientists at the lab produced more nudger out of fusion and was contained in the fuel used to create the reaction. fusion using technology by forcing them together, rather than splitting them apart. it is the power that fuels the sun and stars. it does not create an explosion, leaves behind no radio active waste, and leaves behind no greenhouse gases. fusion's fuel source is hydrogen. two most plentiful element in the universes. the expert deploys 100 ninety-two powerful lasers that focus enormous amounts of energy in billion of a second long pulses. scientists did nod reach the break through point they call ignition, a
6:47 pm
sustained reaction that produces more energy than was used in the entire process. researchers say they have a long way to go. >> facebook users in the united states, now have dozens of ways to define their gender, we will take a look at the changes to the site that are getting a lot of attention online.
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6:49 pm
in a city where homes sit vacant, some are selling for as little as $1. a common profit organization that will give away three homes this year. one catch, you must be an aspiring writer. the reason behind this.
6:50 pm
they are old, abandoned structures, eyesores to many in this community. we thousand this would be a great opportunity. >> two were sold to them. they acquire add third through a donation. the plan is to renovate and then give the homes away, it is called the write a house project. >> this is a city that needs writers. whether you are a novellest, there's a lot to write about it. >> more houses are being
6:51 pm
torn down than built. not just locally, but worldwide. as you can see, there's still a lot of work to be done. it will cost between 25 and $50,000 to renovate each house, and once the work is complete, the writers can move in. the only cost do them, property taxes and insurance. >> barlow believes it is a concept that can hit home. >> we are focused on writers but there's no reason you couldn't take this and bring teachers, or say to the fire department, or to the police, how, would you like to have a house? >> al jazeera, detroit.
6:52 pm
>> so you don't have to describe yourself as male or female on facebook any more. the company now lets you cust please yourend tore about 50 different options. tony, facebook said it works with about vests to come up with options. so i want to show what this looks like. >> so i have male to female, female to male, transmale, and it also lets you select the pronoun that you prefer. female, wished her a happy birthday, him, wish them a happy birthday. now facebook says for a
6:53 pm
lot of people this will mean nothing, but for the very few, this means the world to them. progress, meradeth writes so i think facebook's new gender options just gave me an existential crisis. jack ellis writes i think it is awesome that #equality. >> okay, appreciate it. where is your little twitter? is. >> yeah, follow me. >> to show the movies the way they want, shows us from berlin film festivals giving the directors new outlooks. hollywood is the public face of movies thousands of these are made every year, but for those directors that go further than this, there may be problems ahead. one in particular, censorship.
6:54 pm
>> real uprope in end yeah, not necessarily with fans but with those that decide whether a film can be released. this film has some of the big social issues, rape and homo sexuality among them. and in places it is derogatory. not in india, to show it there, the director had to make huge changes. >> like the cuts and blurs and the news, and everything. >> films like this, form a huge part of course you have the big red carpet, you have the hollywood stars who all come to town to show their movies, and yet away from all of this, you have these smaller independent
6:55 pm
films that show controversial issues real life things that to sensors don't want you to see, but they really do. which is why critics point out that timle festivals are such an important tool for those that can't, or aren't allowed to have their voices heard. >> the fuel screen that has been heard, has been sold out. so it is a good sign that there's a lot of interest, and that message should reach india. and makes it even more embarrassing for india. >> he fakes a look at the uncomfortable side, and it is a film that makes the authorities feel less than comfortable. >> it is a clear said of the free speech control by the state. >> india may be changing but movies like this may be hard tore come by for
6:56 pm
some time yet. al jazeera, at the berlin film festival. >> a just date on the big stories in for ali valshi on real money. >> coming up, the major merger deal that can bring comcast and time warner together. we will look at what it can mean for you the customer. why buy a house when you can rent. middle class families are rer canning a big part of the american dream, all of that and more on real money. and pretty much all of healthcare in america. my show sorts this all out. in fact, my staff has read the entire thing.
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which is probably more than what most members of congress can claim. we'll separate politics from policy, and just prescribe the facts.
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snow is already fallen in some places at least 18
6:59 pm
people have reportedly died in weather related accidents. power is starting to come back on, where 750,000 lost electricity. is storm shut down some of the busiest airports. roughly 6400 flights have been cancel sod far today. a huge americaner to report, comcast is buying competitor time warner cable, for $45 million. and the deal is approved comcast will end up with 30 million customers the mergeser expected to get some opposition, so stay tuned. despite objections from the united states, afghanistan today released 65 inmates, can u.s. said that prisoners may have been behind the death of civilians and u.s. troops and the afghan president's response to the u.s., the prisoner release is of no concern to the u.s. united nations mediator reaffirmed the commitment to the syrian peace talks today, this comes after the two powers collided
7:00 pm
on proposed resolutions. russia's foreign minister say his country submitted it's own proposal after the u.s. sent one in. real money is up next, david chuter is in tonight for ali velshi. americans love their movies and tv show, but often hate the cable company that provides them. that love-hate relationship could get even more complex. we'll explain. plus the nasty weather on the east coast is not helping america's economy. and if you rent your home instead own it, you are part of a growing trend, and there are some issues to be aware of. i'm david shuster in for ali


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